Jill Brock was born in Queens, New York. She had plans of
becoming an artist, got sidetracked by an interest in psychology.
She graduated, majoring in Fine Arts and Psychology, combining
her two interests. She then continued her artistic education as a
Graphic Designer at The School of Visual Arts. Turning her love of
painting into a skill for graphic arts and design, she worked
freelance for awhile. She later worked in the area of mental health
for the State of New York for over twenty five years, specializing in
the creative arts therapies and later in vocational services.

She has a variety of interests from jewelry making, painting and
sports. She began writing in college, mostly short stories and
poetry. An avid reader, she found an affinity to the mystery genre.
She is currently a member of Sisters In Crime/New York Chapter.

Her first book Pennywise was written in 2007, using New York
City, as the backdrop for the Maggie and Odessa Mysteries. Her
second book in the series, Drop Dead Delicious, takes place in
both New York City and Las Vegas. Her new book, Semisweet
stays in her hometown and continues Maggie and Odessa